With the increasing flexibility of work-time models, fully automated duty rota systems are starting to reach their limits. Full automation often means that it is no longer possible to realise an efficient and optimised personnel duty roster which simultaneously allows the clear parameterisation of the system.

Using this knowledge, the most cost-effective approach was taken to develop D.A.T.E.:

It was decided to do without fully automated rota planning. For personnel requirements planning, the module Duty Rota provides the best possible support by making an objective automated pre-selection: The evaluation and ultimate release, as well as planning are all the responsibility of the requirements planner. The administrative costs for maintaining the system as well as those for training and for the initial learning curve are thereby reduced to a minimum.

The duty rota itself is realised with a minimum time requirement by automatically taking into consideration arbitrary constraints, such as e.g. the relevant elements of the work contract. Projections of work-time accounts and evaluations / reports from preceding duty-roster phases help in further optimising the planning process.

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